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IRS Dispute Lawyers Brigham City UT

When you have problems with taxes, you’ll quickly learn the IRS can be an absolute terror. If the IRS is in a rage, you need an IRS dispute lawyer to save you.

Dale M Dorius
(435) 723-5219
Po Box 895
Brigham City, UT
George Washington University National Law Center,Brigham Young Univ
State Licensing
California, Colorado

Brian J Craig
2231 W Hwy 101
Hyrum, UT
State Licensing

Michael P Doelfs
(267) 767-9714
372 EAST 3250 NORTH
North Ogden, UT
State Licensing

Andrew Louis Juergens
(801) 737-0594
3988 N 800 W
Ogden, UT
Montana State Univ,Concord Law School
State Licensing

Claudine Mai Lafrance
(435) 760-2031
Po Box 254
Millville, UT
Nova Southeastern University - Shepard Broad Law Center
State Licensing

Vickie Lee Anderson
7720 S Hwy 89 Trlr 16
Willard, UT
California Western SOL,Utah St Univ
State Licensing

Jonathan Randy Grover
(435) 257-6590
52 West Main St, Po Box 160
Tremonton, UT
Thomas Jefferson SOL,Utah St Univ
State Licensing

Richard Kaoru Shimabukuro
495 West 3975 North
Pleasant View, UT
Ohio State University
State Licensing

Michael Peter Doelfs
372 E 3250 N
North Ogden, UT
State Licensing

Denise Elizabeth Strong
(435) 770-0485
839 Grandview Dr
Providence, UT
State Licensing

IRS Dispute Lawyers

IRS Dispute Lawyer

When you have problems with taxes, you'll quickly learn the IRS can be an absolute terror. If the IRS is in a rage, you need an IRS dispute lawyer to save you.

Whether you've failed to pay taxes for a few years, are being audited or are just having problems with the IRS, it is important to understand that you are dealing with a ferocious force. The IRS is charged with collecting federal taxes and the IRS agents take the job seriously. You can expect them to be intimidating and extremely aggressive in trying to get into your tax records. Frankly, fighting the IRS is one of the worst experiences many people ever suffer.

If the IRS comes calling, you do not have to suffer through the misery of dealing with IRS agents. There is absolutely no reason you should ever meet with anyone from the IRS. Instead, you should retain an IRS dispute lawyer to represent you.

There are significant benefits to retaining an IRS dispute lawyer. First, the lawyer will become the communication contact for the IRS, meaning you do not have to talk to agents. This, of course, prevents the IRS from intimidating you and asking for information the agency has no right to see. Further, the IRS dispute attorney is going to be familiar with your rights and put the IRS in its place if it tries to overstep.

Perhaps most important, an IRS dispute lawyer is on your side. The IRS specializes in tax disputes. You do not. An IRS dispute lawyer does. This effectively means the lawyer can give you advice on the best strategy to pursue and his or her impression on the potential incomes. Shockingly, many taxpayers make the mistake of listing to IRS agents when deciding what to do. This almost always results in the taxpayer making a bad deal. An tax lawyer is going to prevent this from happening.

When hiring an IRS dispute lawyer, you need to focus on the following issues.

1. Specialization - Does the prospective lawyer deal primarily with IRS disputes?

2. Comfort - Tax issues invariably are stressful and you are going to have to disclose vital information to the lawyer. Are you comfortable with doing so and the lawyer in general?

3. Licensing - Is the lawyer licensed? Do an Internet search for "[your state] Bar Association" and look them up in the licensing section of the site. Have there been any complaints against the lawyer?

4. Fees - How does the lawyer bill you and for what. Get it in writing and get the exact items being billed for. Some lawyers bill for se...

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