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Identity Theft Tax Resources Casper WY

This article discusses how identity theft can end up impacting your taxes and causing problems with the IRS. Thieves will steal your social security number and sell them. This lead to audits, etc., with the IRS. Contact the IRS if you suspect identity theft.

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Identity Theft Tax Resources

Identity Theft - Impacting Your Taxes?

If your identity is stolen, your finances can quickly become a nightmare. A less obvious problem is the effect identity theft can have on your taxes.

Generally, thieves steal your personal data for the purpose of running up credit card charges or opening and abusing new accounts. A developing trend in the identity theft field concerns schemes impacting your taxes.

Identity thieves have created a new line of business - selling your social security number. Who would want to buy it? The list is surprising long, but undocumented workers, individuals with bad credit and people trying to obtain a new identity lead the list. This can create a huge problem for you since any income paid to those individuals is reported to the IRS as being paid to you. This results in the IRS having inflated income numbers and, often, audits when you "under report" your income.

With the creation of the Real ID Act, better known as the National ID Card, things will only get worse. Under the Act, all workers will be required to submit social security numbers to obtain jobs. With our leaky borders, there will be a high demand for your social security number.

It doesn't take much to file a tax return. What's to stop an identity thief from filing one under your name to generate a refund? Nothing. To generate the maximum refund, you can be all kinds of frivolous deductions will be claimed. After all, it will be you that has to attend the audit.

If you rec...

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Wyoming Computer Crimes Laws

Civil Lawsuits Permitted?: No

Attempt Considered a Crime?: No

Misdemeanor Computer Crimes: Crime against computer equipment and supplies

Felony Computer Crimes: Crimes against intellectual property (means data including programs); crimes against computer equipment and supplies if done with intent to scheme, defraud, or obtain property; crimes against computer users when value is above $750

Mental State Required for Prosecution: Knowingly

Code Section: 6-3-501, et seq.