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Tax Deduction Consulting: Firefighters Manchester NH

The most common way to knock down you tax bill is through tax deductions. Firefighter tax deductions are unique to the profession.

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Tax Deduction Consulting: Firefighters

Firefighter Tax Deductions

The most common way to knock down you tax bill is through tax deductions. Firefighter tax deductions are unique to the profession.

Firefighters have one of the most honorable professions. Throughout the year, they are busy saving lives. At tax time, however, firefighters need to take a minute to make sure they save money! Along with other standard deductions, firefighters can receive additional benefits. Firefighters can often deduct many specific costs that they incur throughout the tax year. Expenses such as continuing education and repairs are included in these possible deductions. Additionally, any travel related to a job may be deducted. Because of their job, firefighters are given a variety of tax deductions.

If a firefighter chooses or is mandated to join a union, fees can be deducted. Annual and monthly union dues and expenses incurred as a result of the union are also deducted. In addition to requiring union involvement, many firefighters are instructed to further their education. Costs involved in participating in further education are deductible. This includes all fees, textbooks and travel to and from classes. Unfortunately, initial education costs and those classes which are taken to acquire a new skill are non deductible. Required insurance and legal protection is also a deductible expense for firefighters.

Firefighters are also allowed to deduct some additional expenses they incur. If using a phone line solely for business work, this cost and cell phone costs are fully deductible. Firefighters can deduct the cost and care of all pieces of their uniforms. This includes jackets, pants, boots, gloves and their respective cleaning costs. Additionally, the cost of repairing and maintaining vital equipment such as pagers, flash lights and batteries are deductible. All of the costs that you incur as a result of maintaining your equipment are deductible. Included in these costs would be travel to and from a station or to a...

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