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If you hate paying taxes, and I know you do, tax forms probably make you scream. With this introduction to tax forms, we should be able to lower that scream to a mere sigh.

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Tax Filing Resources: Tax Forms

Introduction to Tax Forms

If you hate paying taxes, and I know you do, tax forms probably make you scream. With this introduction to tax forms, we should be able to lower that scream to a mere sigh.

Taxes make our country go round and round. They are considered a necessary evil in our world because we need things such as roads, sewers, garbage collection and so on. Admittedly, there is a lot of pork and controversial actions taken by the government with out tax money, but that is an issue for the voters. Regardless, many people understand the purpose of taxes even if they don't like paying. Tax forms, on the other hand, are just evil.

With this introduction to tax forms, I hope to at least make you somewhat more comfortable with the damn things and how best to use them. Yes, I realize that may be mission impossible, but it is a worth goal. If you are at least a little more knowledgeable after this, it is all the better.

Tax forms have been around forever. They come in all shapes and sizes. If you are preparing your taxes on your own, there is one simple way to bypass the problems with the forms. Go out and buy one of the tax form software kits. It really is as simple as that. You get to bypass all the confusing instructions and so on. Everything is done in a question and answer format, so it really the easiest way to go. If you can do this, here are some helpful hints to consider.

In the eyes of the IRS, not all tax forms are the same. The IRS uses computers to read some tax forms, so in many instances you cannot use a form you print off of your computer. The printing paper is not readable by the IRS computer. Instead, you need to get down to the library or post office and get the official version. One area where this is a problem for many people is the 1099-MISC form. This form must be filed with the IRS if you pay independent contractors more than $600.

A second helpful hint regarding tax forms has to do with instructions. For some criminal reas...

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