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Tax Forms Bayonne NJ

There are a number of factors that determine which tax forms you need to fill out. The articles in this section will help you understand the differences between them, which ones apply to you and what you need to know before you begin filling them out.

Tax Filing Resources: Tax Forms Bayonne NJ

If you hate paying taxes, and I know you do, tax forms probably make you scream. With this introduction to tax forms, we should be able to lower that scream to a mere sigh.

Tax Filing Resources: W-2 Forms Bayonne NJ

If you worked in a salaried position during the previous tax year, your employer should issue you a W-2 form for your tax return. So, what if you haven't received one?

Tax Filing Resources: W-4 Forms Bayonne NJ

If you are employed by a business, you have the ability to play with the W-4 withholding on your paycheck. Fortunately, there is an easy way to do this online these days. For more detailed information please read on the following article.

Tax Filing Resources:1099 Forms Bayonne NJ

1099-MISC Forms are supposed to be issued to independent contractors by January 31st each year. Businesses, particularly small businesses, are famous for failing to get the forms out on time. They have to be filed with the IRS by the end of February, so businesses often send them out at that time. If you haven't received a 1099 by the first week or so of March, it is time to take action.