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Tax Return Advice Charleston SC

Tax returns need to be filed with the IRS and the state every year to report income and tax payments. Preparing and filing returns may have you confused, so if you need some help getting through your return, the articles in this section may be able to help.

Tax Preparation Resources: Deceased Tax Returns Charleston SC

If a person dies, their finances are immediately converted into something called an estate. The estate is then responsible for filing a tax return covering the finances including income and distributions to heirs and beneficiaries. However, a final personal tax return must still be filed for the deceased.

Tax Preparation Resources: Delinquent Tax Returns Charleston SC

Life can throw some curves at you resulting in the failure to file tax returns. If you have delinquent tax returns, getting the problem taken care of is fairly simple. For more detailed information please read on the following article.

Tax Preparation Resources: Unfiled Returns Charleston SC

If you failed to file tax returns for a particular year or years, you can find yourself in a quandary regarding what to do. Here's a primer on handling unfiled returns.